Look before you design

We continually observe and connect with the urban and natural worlds, storing clues and references to inspire projects as yet unknown.

Nordic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale by Sverre Fehn (Venice, Italy)

Cycle to MIPIM (Bari, Italy)

Door Knob (Sant'Angelo in Colle, Italy)

Oslo Opera House by Snohetta (Oslo, Norway)

Londonon research trip (El Ejido, Spain)

Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger Manor (London, UK)

Fondazione Prada by Rem Koolhaas (Milan, Italy)

Sa Llotja (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Green Wall La Pescaia (Tuscany, Italy)

Londonon research trip (Oslo, Norway)

Dhobi Ghat clothes washing district (Mumbai, India)

Londonon (London, UK)

Oslo City Hall by Arneberg & Magnus Poulsson (Oslo, Norway)

RSH+P Offices at The Leadenhall Building (London, UK)

Cycle to MIPIM (Cannes, France)

Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, USA)

View from White Collar Factory by AHMM (London, UK)

PropSki (Chamonix, France)

Londonon research trip (Paris, France)

Biblioteca Vasconcelos by Alberto Kalach and Juan Palomar (Mexico City, Mexico)

V&A Exhibition Road Quarter by AL_A (London, UK)

Bartlett Summer Show (London, UK)

Fondazione Prada by Rem Koolhaas (Milan, Italy)

Mountain hut (Zuoz, Switzerland)

Londonon research trip (El Ejido, Spain)

Roof Life at LFA (London, UK)

Scaffolding on the Tate Modern Blavatnik Building by Herzog & de Meuron (London, UK)

Dad Dancing on Haptic study trip (Oslo, Norway)

Haptic Roof Life at LFA (London, UK)

Londonon research trip (Milan, Italy)

Bosco Verticale by Stefano Boeri (Milan, Italy)

Immersive skiing at PropSki (Chamonix, France)

Serpentine Pavilion by Frida Escobedo (London, UK)

Early morning train journey (Kent, UK)

Ask the right questions

Led by curiosity, we align what we see with what we know, mapping the context, distilling the brief and uncovering the inherent potential of both.

Fan the Spark

We set the direction for the project, consulting our references, developing a strategy and beginning to imagine a physical form to test against the brief.

Strategy diagrams

Marseille Airport

Composite sketch

The Architects’ Series, Television Centre


Site strategy


Circular Block

In relation to the ‘matter’ of the buildings, the project sees an opportunity to innovate, at scale, an investible model for circular development.

Circular Block

Design strategies

Oslo Highrise

Concept sketch

London Cancer Hub

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Chadwell Heath Pedestrian Bridge

Airport layout sketch

Istanbul Airport

Roof concept sketch

Long Thanh International Airport

Inhabited svaberg


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Uncover the finer grain

With our collaborators we develop and refine the idea, exploring the haptic qualities of the project, and the specifics of look, feel and build.

Match technique and idea

As construction begins, we stay with the project, working with its makers to make sure our design, social and environmental intent is understood and retained.

Complete the circle

All buildings have a life far beyond completion, and we chart the impression our work leaves on environment, place and people for reference in future projects.