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The Davidson Prize is annual design competition which recognises different aspects of the home. It celebrates innovative ideas and, in memory of Alan Davidson, an early pioneer of architectural computer graphics, promotes compelling visual communication.

The prize is designed to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration. Seeing it as a fantastic opportunity to bring together likeminded, creative people, we assembled a team from the worlds of physical and digital space, sound, academic research and poetry.

The team included filmmakers and digital animators Squint Opera, Coda to Coda sound studios, poet LionHeart and biodesign and robotics expert Yao Meng.

The theme for the 2021 competition was Home/Work: A New Future, exploring the blurred boundaries between home and office post-pandemic.

Our response to the theme was HomeForest, an initiative that addresses the universal issues of working during the pandemic – and in particular the sudden dissolving of physical boundaries between home and work.

As individuals, we appreciate and enjoy being surrounded by nature for its restorative benefit: our brains originally evolved alongside the natural world. HomeForest merges the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds to bring nature closer to home – and work.

HomeForest senses the presence of the occupant, and uses everyday devices and known technologies to transform spaces in the home through storytelling, sound, smell, light and projection.

In combination these objects can create unique sensory experiences, simulated by nature, to support wellbeing, help us to relax, create transitions between home and work, and instil a better work-life balance.

For our submission, we created an immersive two-minute film telling the HomeForest story. LionHeart’s poetic narration leads the viewer around the mind of a HomeForest dweller.

Each member of the team played a unique part in developing the work, using innovative technologies and cutting-edge digital tools. Our concept could not have been conceived or presented without this mutual collaboration.

HomeForest was chosen as the winner of the inaugural Davidson Prize and exhibited at the SCP exhibition space in London.

We continue to look for opportunities to explore and expand on the idea to make it a reality.