A waterfront ocean campus alongside a fjordarium with a sculptural form inspired by svaberg rock formationsNorwayPlayWork




The new fjordarium planned in the municipality of Bærum, on the outskirts of Oslo in Norway. It is part of a new waterfront development, focussed on the role of the ocean, sustainable ocean based industries, ocean tech and more. It will be one of the most significant ocean campuses in Europe and will form an important part of the regeneration and conservation of the fjords of Norway.

The aquarium sits on a site at Fornebu that was formerly home to Oslo Airport, but is now the subject of an extensive plan for transformation.

Our client is Sjø, a consortium between Selvaag, one of Norway’s largest developers, and We Are Human, a tech company.

“In addition to healthy political ideas and ideals, the sea has laid the basis for Norway’s fantastic prosperity today and has shaped us as Norwegians.”
Olav Selvaag, developer

Our design takes inspiration from the ‘svaberg’ rock formations that are characteristic of the area.

The aquarium is composed of gently undulating forms, that rise up before dipping down again to meet the water.

The structure is surrounded by public walkways that give glimpses into the interior, and has a curved roof that doubles as a public space.

“I have always loved the Norwegian svaberg rocks. They are beautiful, sculptural objects that form natural pockets, ponds and sitting areas, gently heated by the sun.”
Tomas Stokke

“The building will be an architectonic jewel, and will be constructed with a quality which enhances Bærum and Norway as a tourist destination.”
Olav Selvaag, developer

“The location is right for a facility of this kind, which fits well with our plans for ‘fantastic Fornebu’. Its position is ideal, close to the forthcoming metro station and right next to the fast ferry quay.”
Lisbeth Hammer Krog, chair of Bærum council