A pioneering airport designed to operate net zero carbon, with a warm, hospitable character specific to its place.Extra-LargeHaptic GreenTravelWork




Haptic was selected by Zurich Airport International for the design of the new airport as part of a collaboration with with Nordic, Grimshaw and STUP.

It will serve the fast-developing industrial region between Delhi and Agra, creating jobs and new infrastructure to support the governments of India and Uttar Pradesh.

The airport is located at Jewar, south-east of Delhi, and will serve 30 million passengers – local, regional and international – each year.

The design aim of the project is to merge Swiss efficiency with Indian hospitality, establishing the benchmark for a new, more sustainable kind of airport city, with an unmistakeable sense of place.

Our design prioritises green space inside and around the building, with a landscaped courtyard deep within the plan which delivers ventilation, daylight and an enhanced passenger experience.

The generous landside forecourt will be a meeting point and destination for the public, a place where families, colleagues and friends can linger at departure or arrival.

The forecourt links to a multimodal transport interchange for travel within the state, considerably improving the convenience of passenger journeys.

Inside, the airport is arranged as a well-organised machine, intuitive to use and allowing passengers to relax on their journey to and from their gate.

Natural light and connections with the landscape are maximised throughout.

In a country already pushing the boundaries for sustainable aviation infrastructure, our aspiration is for the project to achieve LEED Gold standard and to operate at carbon net zero.

Energy demand is minimised through intelligent passive design elements, responsive to both local climate and human behaviour. Renewable power generation is an integral part of the overall masterplan for the airport.

Flexible expansion options built into the design will allow the airport to grow to meet future changes in passenger demand.

"We as clients were absolutely grateful for the contribution from the Haptic! From overall strategy and architectural concept to the smallest planning detail the team led by Tomas Stokke, Dimitris Argyros and Chris Wong have delivered the best support a client could wish for."