An elegant architectural insert to extend and unify existing airport buildings in the south of France.Extra-LargeTravel




Working with regular collaborators Nordic, we were invited to compete for the design of this new extension to Marseille airport in southern France. The brief was to introduce a new terminal hall, with landside development, and a future pier with all associated airside infrastructure.

Our challenge was to create a compact, elegant architectural insert that would unify and extend the airport’s existing buildings, and communicate the identity of the city it services.

The new plug-in extension accommodates all the necessary programme with few modifications to the existing buildings, ensuring simple phasing and minimal operational disruption.

We proposed an external colonnade to the new insert to unite it with the existing buildings, inspired by the column line of the 1960s original by Fernand Pouillon but compromised of taller, thinner concrete columns.

The proposed new pier has a simple form, splayed to gently touch the existing structures and with a circular hammerhead with a glazed roof.

The pier’s facade is a simple glazed curtain wall that allows passengers to look out to the waiting planes airside and the beautiful lagoon of Étang de Berre nearby.

Inside, we proposed natural stone for the main concourses of both terminal and pier for durability and maintenance.

The retail pavilions, food and beverage outlets are arranged in zones between the gates, and are constructed from timber to create warmth and a tactile feel.