An international airport, with a functional, characterful design inspired by the natural landscape of Vietnam.Extra-LargeTravel




The Long Thanh International Airport, 40 kilometres east of Ho Chi Minh City, will replace the main airport for Vietnam’s largest city and will be connected with it by road and train.

Currently under construction, the first phase of work will serve up to 25 million passengers per year, with later phases bringing the eventual total to over 100 million passengers annually.

The terminal building is organised in a highly functional way – with an efficient, flexible central processor connecting to piers on both sides and at its centre.

With a generous piazza and traffic forecourt placed landside, the terminal seamlessly integrates with the wider airport masterplan, and connections by rail, bus, coach and car.

Our design proposal for the airport took inspiration from the stunning natural and agricultural landscapes of Vietnam, from staggered rice paddies to beautiful lotus flowers. The terminal is rich with colour and pattern, protected by a great roof that filters the light.

Inside, the ‘flower petal’ columns support a series of vaults and create a sense of directionality, leading passengers through the airport from landside to airside.

The roof and overall diagram help to manage the flow of people through the airport with intuitive wayfinding while enhancing the passenger experience.

Just as a lotus flower has layers of petals of varying colours, the roof is also layered and slatted, filtering the light with a discreet geometric pattern and a subtle range of colours from whites to pinks to purple.

The gentle curve of the central processor creates a focal point in the middle of the terminal building, allowing for more generous column spacing in the concession areas.