Frederic Sandri

Frederic Sandri


Frederic joined the Oslo Studio in March 2022. During his career, he has worked across different sectors and building types. His experience means that he is quick to adapt to any project and he has a strong understanding of technical issues. Frederic is always focused on the overall quality of the design whilst having a keen eye on the small details, that are important when experiencing a building. Frederic is experienced at detailing projects, collaborating with consulting and technical teams, and thrives when working on building sites.

Frederic has worked in different countries on large commercial and residential projects, hospitals, and embassies. He also enjoys working at a smaller scale where attention to detail is paramount.

Frederic studied at La Cambre Architecture in Brussels, and has a masters in project management, from La Salle Universidad in Barcelona. He previously worked as an architect at Art and Build in Brussels, at The bureau of Overseas Building Operations (the USA’s Department of State) in Oslo, Reykjavik, and Copenhagen, and as a project manager for the structural engineer office Degree of Freedom in Oslo.

Frederic has a keen interest in sustainable design and in 2023 became the Haptic Green champion for the Oslo Office.