Tim Michel

Tim Michel

BA, BA, MArch


Tim joined Haptic as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant in June 2021, after graduating with a Masters’ from the CASS, London Metropolitan University. Tim’s work focuses on strengthening the interrelationship between the built form and the land. He believes that self-conscious architecture, which derives from its context, does not only make users happy, but has the potential to positively impact local economies and create happier co-efficient communities.

His understanding of socio-cultural design made Tim a valuable contributor to the winning proposal for the Indre Laksevåg masterplanning competition. He also worked on a wide range of small to large scale commercial projects throughout various stages, including high quality bespoke interior fit outs such as Provisions and Vivense. Most recently Tim is working as part of the Hyatt project team, developing conceptual & schematic design for a hotel scheme with a cultural platform by combining commercial, industrial and public use.

Prior to joining Haptic, Tim worked at Aedas on medium to large scale mixed use residential projects and masterplanning competitions, as well as in the urban design sector.