Timo Haedrich

Timo Haedrich

BSc (Hons), MArch, DipArch, RIBA, ARB


Timo co-founded Haptic Architects in 2009 with Scott Grady, Tomas Stokke and Nikki Butenschøn. He oversees the technical development of the practice with a focus on the studio’s built portfolio.  Timo has broad experience in the design and technical delivery of projects across housing, commercial and cultural sectors. He has worked internationally on projects in the Czech Republic, Germany and Norway.

With more than 20 years of experience in architecture, Timo particularly enjoys the collaborative aspect of the profession; working collectively to bring an architectural vision into the real world.  Timo is currently leading W3, a community hub in Kings Cross, London, engineered in CLT and detailed with an innovative timber facade.

Timo has taught and lectured at a number of universities including UCL, the Metropolitan University of London and Brighton University. He is a member of the Kensington & Chelsea Quality Review Panel.