LondonOn presents Grønlikaia

Our proposal for one of the last waterfront sites of the city of Oslo, which represents an opportunity to create an inclusive and diverse ‘fjord city’, aimed at a wide variety of Oslo’s population.

Grønlikaia will offer a richer, vibrant and more diverse neighbourhood which belongs to all. New transportation routes make the area better accessible and new forms of living and models of ownership have been proposed to create more diverse and affordable housing, enabling more people to live in the city centre.

To develop Grønlikaia, we gathered a team of experts in sustainability, placemaking, new forms of living, circular and doughnut economy, landscape design, and waterfront development. The result is an exemplar project, making the water more accessible and creating new public spaces, cultural institutions, active streetscapes, and exceptional architecture.

The proposal will accommodate all the inhabitants of the site, both above and below the water. Using upcycled marine steel, all new buildings are designed to create better ecological conditions, contributing to the much needed restoration of marine life in the Oslo fjord.

Designed by LondonOn represented by Haptic Architects, Morris+Company, Gort Scott and Mæ Architects, supported by Elliott Wood Partnership Ltd, Useful Projects, Periscope, Neighbourhood and Tin.