Haptic Green: UCL MEng Unit 1 (2021-2022)

This year, we asked Unit 1 students to investigate and respond to new ways of thinking about architecture and art in a world strained by cultural and climatic crisis. Unit 1 encourages you to pursue and delve into the interconnectivity of the various strands of crisis that society faces today and focus on how art and the buildings that contain it can and may inspire radical change. 

The site for Unit 1 this year was the former home Wapping Hydraulic Power Station built in 1890. Before electricity became widely adopted across the city, hydraulic power was London’s main power system. For the main building project, students proposed a new ‘Tate Wapping’ which will be the radical youngest sibling of the Tate family. An alternative to the established concepts of the ‘art gallery’, shaking things up, using the cultural and climatic crisis as a catalyst and opportunity for change and adaptation.

Read more about the unit here: MEng Unit 1-2021_2022

Click here to view Unit 1’s final pieces (2022): UCL_Tate_Wapping