Haptic Green on LSA’s Thursday Talks

Hosted by the LSA, please join us for a discussion on how Haptic Green, our in-house research and sustainability team, utilises research, inter-practice collaboration and knowledge sharing to embed sustainable principles throughout our work – from initial briefing, to design, construction and post occupancy evaluation.

Presented by Jack Pentford Baker, Design Tutor at the LSA and Senior Architect at Haptic, and Harry Sumner, Sustainability Consultant at Haptic, the discussion will explore how Haptic Green is woven into each project’s process, demonstrating how research and knowledge transfer can help accelerate our work to adapt and minimise the effects of the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency.

This online event on Thursday 9th February is part of LSA’s Thursday Talks series, virtual lunch-time events led by Member-Plus Practices and open to all.

More information here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/524339743287