Haptic X Architecture in Schools

For Open City’s Architecture in Schools programme, Haptic Architects have completed their series of workshops with St Luke’s Primary School in east London, inviting the Year 4 children, aged 8 and 9, to reimagine their city.

The project kicked off with a day of inspiration at King’s Cross looking at the buildings and spaces in the area and participating in a series of activities at Camley Nature Park.

For the second workshop the architects visited the school to run a session based on creating a collage. Working in small groups, the students used various images of King’s Cross and references from architecture magazines, to reimagine the spaces in the neighbourhood. Large scale collages now adorn the classroom walls!

Following a walkaround of their local area with the teacher, the third Haptic workshop was inspired by their own community. The students learned model making techniques and then produced an individual colourful building which we collectively joined to make a whole class street!