Vivense Showroom
Project Info
The project typifies Haptic's approach to the making of highly crafted interior spaces, and its interest in collaboration - not just with the client, craftspeople and specialist suppliers, but here also with the designers of Vivense's visual identity, BOB Design. It also represents a practice DNA ingrained with the Scandinavian approach to design, favouring a simple palette, beautifully executed.

Just as Vivense's products act as a backdrop to the lives of their owners, Haptic has designed the showroom as a calm, neutral setting against which the objects can be displayed. The raw 150-square-metre space is wrapped in vertical timber slats which give warmth and subtle depth to the walls and bring the exposed ceiling down to a more intimate datum. The slats curve down to frame the showroom window, reflecting the fluid lines of the company's visual identity, and undulate out from the walls inside to loosely define a series of bays. Rather than creating living scenarios within each bay, the objects are displayed free from the slatted walls so that customers can better imagine them in their own home.

To structure the space further, Haptic created three monolithic black stands, each with a sawtooth footprint, which act as focal points for discussion or exchange.

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London, UK


Vivense Showroom Vivense Showroom Vivense Showroom Vivense Showroom Vivense Showroom Vivense Showroom