TVC Plot F
Project Info
This proposal for 20 Mews houses is located at Television Centre in West London. The design re-interprets the Victorian brick terrace whilst also drawing inspiration from the site’s industrial past.

The massing is a simple arrangement of two terrace strips that share a communal garden. The proposed pitched roofs create a playful rhythm along the street and neighbourhood. This is further accentuated by the proposal of a monolithic tessellating brick façade for the upper two floors. The ground floor is a recessed timber and glazed façade that creates depth and shadow to the shared elevation.

Internally, the houses are designed with split level accommodation from front to back, allowing variety and drama to the internal spaces. The stair is located centrally in the plan, to provide generous open-plan living and maximise daylight and views to the village green and private gardens.

The scheme was designed around passive sustainability measures with appropriate location and orientation of windows to maximise solar gains in the winter whilst minimising glare. The scheme offered a mixed mode ventilation strategy with an integrated MVHR solution as well as openable windows arranged around an open atrium to encourage stack ventilation. The structural strategy proposed a concrete basement with offsite CLT construction for the upper floors to offer a high quality and speed of construction.



Shortlisted Competition




TVC Plot F TVC Plot F TVC Plot F TVC Plot F TVC Plot F TVC Plot F