Yuzhny Airport
Project Info
The Yuzhny Greenfield airport will be a new portal to the Rostov on Don Region. The airport captures the spirit of the place with a clear architectural identity, inspired by the natural surrounding landscape, the open flat fields, the colours and the materiality, while being a top modern, functional airport of international standard.

The terminal is organised in a very functional manner over two and a half levels, creating a compact and flexible terminal, that can easily be expanded.

The design of the terminal is closely linked to the areas unique character and will be a stunning portal to Rostov on Don and the Rostov Oblask. Taking its inspiration from the stunning flat landscapes that typify the region, the building is conceived as one that discretely sits in the landscape, with a clear horizontal expression.

Internally, the domed timber ceilings are warm and welcoming. The vaulted ceiling gives direction to the terminal and reinforce the passenger flows, enhancing the passenger experience with intuitive wayfinding. The skylights provides natural daylight, focused on the key areas in the terminal such as check in, security, passport control and the piers.

The ever changing hues and tones of the flat landscapes inspire the interiors where a timber ceiling and exposed timber elements gives it a warm and natural feel. The haptical aspects (i.e. the sense of touch) are expressed in the areas where the public interact with the building, with high quality finishes and timber detailing.

The geometry of the ceiling is inspired by the richly decorated interiors and domed ceilings of public buildings in the region. The double curved geometry of the ceiling can be realised using triangulated panels in timber, reflective of traditional methods of construction.


Russia, Rostov-on-Don


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