Mo i Rana Airport
Arctic Circle
Project Info
Mo i Rana airport is located in the arctic circle of Norway, forming a gateway to the region and offering travellers a first glimpse to the surrounding beautiful landscapes. The airport is therefore inspired by the area’s distinct natural landscapes; in particular the icebergs and the mountain cliffs.

The airport masterplan comprises a runway, a new terminal and a service building with all accompanying transport infrastructure. The planning for the airport is very functional with a simple arrangement on two levels that aims to optimise passenger flows and services requirements.

Similarly the massing is pragmatic with an appropriate North/South axis rectangular arrangement and a flat roof. The façade is environmentally responsive with a series of tessellating triangular panels and solar screens that create a playful and articulated theatre of light along the landscape and therefore blend with the surrounding mountain cliffs and icebergs.

The project is currently in design development.



Mo i Rana


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