Marseille Airport
Project Info
Haptic Architects, working in collaboration with Nordic Office of Architecture, were invited to compete for the new Marseille airport extension. The project brief was to introduce a new terminal hall with a landside development and a future new pier with all associated airside infrastructure. The team worked hard to design a compact new architectural insert that respects and unifies the two existing buildings but is also a new terminal heart and an elegant addition that appropriately responds to the city and the country in which it stands. The design for the new plug-in looks to accommodate all the required program required with little modification to the existing building; ensuring a simple phasing and a minimal operational disruption.

Externally, a new external colonnade is proposed, inspired from the existing 60’s Pouillon column line, but comprised of thinner and longer concrete columns thus creating an elegant addition to the existing building. The proposed new pier comprises a simple shape with a circular hammerhead and a splayed pier route that gently touches the existing building. The pier facade is a simple glazed curtain wall that allows passengers to have views out to the airside and the wonderful water landscape.

Internally, the main concourse circulation zones of the terminal and pier are proposed as natural stone for durability and maintenance whilst the retail pavilions, associated food and beverage piazza zones along the gates are proposed to be in timber to create warmth, offer a tactile feel to passengers and create an environment that celebrates natural materials.






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