Residential Masterplan
Project Info
In collaboration with MAD Architects, Haptic were invited to design a 60,000sqm housing development in the 54 acre plot in Nesgata 19, located just east of Norway Trade Fairs in Lillestrom; a fast-growing commuter town, 20km East from Oslo. Inspired from the Norwegian ‘tuns’ (farmsteads), the concept design for the masterplan comprises 5 circular cluster of houses around a common courtyard, located within a green public parkland.

New pedestrian and cycle routes through the site enable strong urban connections between downtown and future development areas whilst urban public squares establish new links with the waterfront edge and act as a pivot between the various disparate areas in Lillestrom.

The masterplan design offers flexibility and adaptability in the massing and phasing of each housing cluster. Each cluster is designed with each own architectural identity and a distinct landscape character, reflective of Norway’s rich biodiversity in order provide a sense of identity and belonging for the residents.

The massing and orientation of each cluster is carefully considered to maximise Southern and Western solar gains in each apartment, catch the beautiful South-Western views, as well as bring light in the communal courtyards and public spaces.



Norway, Lillestrøm


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