Jøssingfjord Museum
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Haptic's recent competition entry for a cultural centre in Jossingfjord references its mineralogical riches of the surrounding rocks and lakes, whereby black Ilmenite is mined and used to produce white pigment, found in toothpaste, paints and many food products.

Enveloped in a charred, blackened timber shell, the building is characterised by two pitched roof forms, one dramatically cantilevering over the landscape and housing the primary exhibition space. Internally, spaces are formed in a whitened timber shell, floating over a cast concrete retaining structure.

The siting of the building, against the rock edge, frees up the former industrial site to create a landscaped park, addressing the river and providing external exhibition space. A former stone folly is capped by a elegant light installation, which demarks the entrance to the building. The form of the building is orientated so that exhibition spaces address key views, such as the infamous 'Helleren' houses. Rather than defining an epic panorama, the architecture samples particular moments, connecting intimately with the environment.


Norway, Jøssingfjorden


Haptic Architects

Jøssingfjord Museum Jøssingfjord Museum Jøssingfjord Museum Jøssingfjord Museum Jøssingfjord Museum