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The Magnificent Mundane
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As part of Indian Design Platform, launched this year by Create Culture, Haptic Architects were involved in an exhibition of contemporary Indian design at Studio Egret West, together with ACME, Studio [D] Tale, Project Orange and Studio Egret West.

Haptic's installation, the Magnificent Mundane, examined the beauty of the everyday.

Every day 9.5 tonnes of the Metro newspaper are discarded on the Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines alone. Inspired by Indian traditions of extreme recycling where reusing and repurposing is a fundamental part of the culture, this installation aims to visualise the sheer mass of waste that is produced through discarded free papers.

100 newspapers were shredded, sorted for colour and suspended from a bamboo frame, creating a undulating, stringy, multi-coloured ceiling. This represented less than 0.005% of the 2M free papers that are distributed daily.

Reminiscent of the accidental architecture created in Indian street scenes of hanging clothes, drying vermicelli, crisscrossing electrical wires and festive bunting, the installation celebrated the Indian resourceful use of the mundane.

Indian Design Platform will be an annual showcase of high-quality contemporary design from India. Our presentation of hand-picked works from emerging and established design studios will form part of each year’s London Design Festival. This will be more than simply a museum-quality exhibition - we intend it as a focal point for culture and commerce to come together in promoting Indian design and engagement with the wider creative community.

Photography: ©Sophie Mutevelian

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