Holocaust Memorial
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Haptic Architects, working in collaboration with Studio Libeskind, were invited to compete for the U.K. Holocaust Memorial. Located at the intersection of Victoria Tower Gardens, the Palace of Westminster and the River Thames, the project will join a constellation of monuments throughout the Garden.

The Memorial brief is multi-faceted and many-layered, reflecting the U.K.’s experiences and memories of the war and the Holocaust. While the historical focus of this Memorial is the commemoration of the systematic mass murder of nearly 6 million European Jews at the hands of the Nazi German regime and its collaborators, other more specifically British experiences of this era will also find expression in this national memorial.

The design proposal for the U.K. Holocaust Memorial, “The Longest Shadow” is a physical manifestation of the shadow that has been cast forever on the history of civilization. The Memorial aim to put the visitor into “The Longest Shadow”; a literal shadow cast onto the site from the canted entrance to the Memorial, calculated to be the longest on January 27th, Holocaust Memorial Day.

UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation


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Studio Libeskind

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