Brent Cross
Project Info
The scheme is a mixed-use development including a commercial plinth and a series of residential blocks within the Brent Cross Central Masterplan.

Located in the crossroad of the main commercial street by Market Square leading to the train station and the pedestrian route to Clitterhouse Park, the proposal presents a carefully curated ground floor base that enhances the retail units on top of which a landscaped residential shared amenity area complements the activities in the park. This space becomes the heart of the community, consisting of three residential blocks that surround the central elevated courtyard. The buildings range between 6 to 13 storeys, providing 383 new homes.

Brick is the main façade material, arranged in a grid that varies in tone and articulation depending on its position within the scheme. A dark and deeply textured base grounds the urban block, with heavily articulated masonry details that frame the scattered residential elements and shop windows for a rich, tactile pedestrian experience. Above, the simple residential grid presents a medium tone brick wall whilst a light interior brightens up the central courtyard façade. At the top of each building the grid becomes a portico gallery that features an elegantly proportioned crown with folded lintel details to signify the tower of the collection of blocks where a rooftop pavilion enjoys the wonderful long vistas to the surrounding context.



UK, London


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