Arctic Circle Airport
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The forested, mountain site provides a stunning setting for the new airport and terminal building, with views to the Fjords and a prime location to see the midnight sun and famous northern lights.

The terminal building and distinctive roof form is inspired by a local landmark; the mountain of Træna with its dramatic sculpted peaks and the local vernacular of steep pitched roof forms. The folded metal roof touches minimally with the ground to define passenger entrances and connections to planes on the airside, culminating in a tall peak, to integrate the airport control tower. The roof form is designed for substantial snow loads and minimizes solar gain through its overhangs and vertical planes.

In plan, the passenger flows are straightforward, with check-in and security control located centrally under the tallest volume. A fully glazed envelope connects passengers with the landscape at all times, be it in the departure lounge or baggage reclaim.

The project is at feasibility stage, with the project team working closely with the Norwegian Airport Authority to develop plans for a future planning application.



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