Jan Godzimirski

Jan Godzimirski



Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski joined Haptic Architects in 2022 and is working on Oslo Government Headquarters. Previously, Jan has gained hands-on experience, working both as a sole practitioner, focusing on developing the Eco Moyo Education Centre in Kenya, and as a teacher at the Scarcity and Creativity Studio at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. This experience has given Jan a well-rounded understanding of the architectural design process, in particular the delivery stages.

Jan believes that great architecture is created through a rigorous and iterative process. He uses his many experiences as an amateur photographer, builder and background in teaching to deliver exemplary design.

Jan studied at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. He played a central role on the Eco Moyo Education Centre, working as architect and board member. The organization offers 240 poor children in rural Kenya the possibility to attend school for free, something that Jan is incredibly proud of. Jan also contributes to Architects without borders in Oslo and is a board member of 120 hours – the largest architectural competition for students by students of architecture.