Yuzhny Greenfield Airport

The Yuzhny Greenfield airport will act as a new gateway to the Rostov-on-Don Region, which will cater for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The airport captures the spirit of the place with a clear architectural identity, inspired by the natural surrounding landscape; the open flat fields, colour and materiality, while being a state-of-the-art, highly functional airport of international standard.
Taking its inspiration from the picturesque flat landscapes that typify the region, the building is conceived as one that discretely sits in the landscape, with a clear horizontal expression. Internally, the domed timber ceilings are warm and welcoming. The vaulted ceiling and its geometry provide a direction to the terminal, from landside to airside. The roof and layout design will reinforce passenger flows, whilst enhancing passenger experience with intuitive way finding. The skylights provide natural daylight, focused on the key areas in the terminal such as check-in, security, passport control and the piers.

The terminal is organised in a very functional manner over two and a half levels, creating a compact and flexible processor that can be easily expanded on both sides. From the two level traffic forecourt departing passengers flow thorough the upper level while arriving passengers are on the lower floor thus creating a very simple and efficient flow. The terminal will be linked to the future railway station via a lush recreational park, which will be flanked by buildings containing hotels, conference centres, public services, retail and office space.

Yuzhny Greenfield AirportYuzhny Greenfield AirportYuzhny Greenfield AirportYuzhny Greenfield AirportYuzhny Greenfield AirportYuzhny Greenfield Airport