Venice Biennale... The Living POD

This project for the Open Source Architecture, 'Smart POD' exhibit at this year's Venice Biennale is being developed in collaboration with Oslo-based designer's StokkeAustad.

The LIVING POD project speculates on how to provide the primary spatial necessities TO LIVE whilst also providing generous communal space. We’ve turned the house inside out, whereby enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces are arranged around a central Brain. The Brain acts as the primary structure, distributes energy, water and waste and allows for each space to be plugged in. Each POD is part of a much wider community that can occupy, reuse and reconfigure existing urban areas (in this example; London). Pod dwellers are social beings; sharing gardens, external dining space and winter gardens whilst providing food and energy for themselves and their community...

Venice Biennale... The Living PODVenice Biennale... The Living POD