The Forest Hotel Project

Haptic have been approached to develop a series of new concepts for forest hotel accommodation. The brief is for single rooms, isolated in the forest setting. The first proposal emphasises a contextual approach, treating the forest respectfully and peacefully. Rather than interfere with the trees, the proposal recognises Henry David Thoreau’s principles in “Walden”, treating forest living not merely as geographical but an experience of immersive nature, independence, simplicity and perhaps spirituality.

Encountering this tree house emulates the moment one might have when chancing upon a pond or river, looking at the reflected underside of the surrounding trees. Upon entering the house, guests are again presented with a dramatic view upward of the forest, submerged in the dappled sunlight that pours in from above.

Lying within the forest floor, visitors become part of the landscape. The surrounding ground envelops its inhabitants in a serene, quiet environment that enhances the view upwards into the trees and emphasises both the remoteness and size of the forest.

The Forest Hotel ProjectThe Forest Hotel ProjectThe Forest Hotel ProjectThe Forest Hotel Project