Haptician Tomas Stokke runs Unit 7 at the Bartlett with Agnieszka Glowacka, which has recently been exhibited at the Bartlett Summer Show. Well done to the students for putting together a great show and presenting some wonderful work.

Haptic would particularly like to congratulate Unit Seven student Kirsty Williams on winning the Making Buildings Award and for winning the RIBA Bronze medal nomination.

Unit Seven has this year been looking at threat and adaptation. Threat demands adaptation. Strange and wonderful things happen when plants and animals evolve to adapt to the threats presented by their particular situation: Spikes, colourful warnings, camouflage, mimicry, decoys, sacrificial limbs, flocking behaviour. They adapt to their environments changing suddenly or slowly, predictably or unpredictably: Moving, closing, hibernating, storing, hiding. Failure to adapt, or ill-fated adaptation, can result in extinction. People adapt to threat – environmental, financial, mythical – and create objects, spaces, environments, buildings that allow them to cope, improve and survive, sometimes even turning the threat into valuable opportunity.