RIBA Silver Medal Winner
Nick Elias

Congratulations to new Haptician Nick Elias for winning the RIBA Silver President's Medal 2014 for his Part 2 Project, PoohTown!

"PoohTown re-evaluates covert responses to socio-political exclusion in 1920s Slough by extracting elements of specific happiness found in Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh promotes a fictional, happy, Christopher Robin, where in reality he was troubled by the book. The book is deconstructed and applied to an ‘unhappy’ Slough using specific spatial manifestations representative of Happiness. PoohTown establishes the grounds for a subtle critique of today’s cities potential to prescribe policies of happiness alongside familiar amenities and alerts for the need to design for emotions as a way to find architecture’s purpose in a changing world."

For more information, visit the President's Medals website, here.

RIBA Silver Medal WinnerRIBA Silver Medal WinnerRIBA Silver Medal WinnerRIBA Silver Medal Winner