RIBA President's Medals

Haptic would like to congratulate Kirsty Williams on her commendation in the RIBA Presidents Medals and on winning the Serjeant Award for Drawing.

Kirsty's project Healing Musandam: Omani Institute of Botanical Medicine, is a greenhouse, apothecary and seedvault, with a design life of 500 years. Kirsty’s strength is in taking on real world problems and inventing imaginative, yet believable, beautiful and technically astute solutions as demonstrated in her exceptional technical study. Her explorations into what it means to create a building with a 500 year life span provides valuable lessons in today’s throwaway culture.

Kirsty's project was undertaken while a student of Unit Seven, taught by Haptician Tomas Stokke and Agnieszka Glowacka (2009/2010), currently taught by Hapticians Tomas Stokke and Scott Grady.

RIBA President's MedalsRIBA President's MedalsRIBA President's MedalsRIBA President's Medals