Mountain Eco Resort

Inspired by a dramatic context of dark basalt mountains and enveloping sand dunes, this proposal is conceived as a collection of sculpted building forms that respond to the grain of the rock formations, gathered around a protected courtyard space. The enclosure wraps up the hotel rooms to provide controlled views to the surrounding landscape, whilst its form channels prevailing winds through the structure and works with water features to cool the building through evaporative cooling. The envelope, with high thermal mass is mediated with stone louvres which provide shading to recessed balconies and rooftop terraces.

The wider energy strategy employs a tri-generation plant for cooling network and hotel hot water, solar thermal energy solutions, photovoltaics and a biological waste and water treatment plant.

[Visualisations opposite, by Gruff Ltd and 42 Architects]

Mountain Eco ResortMountain Eco ResortMountain Eco ResortMountain Eco Resort