Londonon Launches!

At a specially convened venue in the heart of Clerkenwell's creative district, Haptic, Duggan Morris Architects and Coffey Architects officially launched Londonon yesterday to an audience of London's architecture community. Practice directors and architecture students alike attended the event to explore the ambition and direction of the programme and to gain an understanding of how they could become part of it.

Londonon is a rolling research and residency programme in cities around the globe run by collaborating London-based architects and creatives. We pool resources, question, collaborate, make and experience, to broaden our minds, expand our reach and widen our worldview. Londonon is conceived as a filter for ambitious, small to medium-sized creative practices, through a non-profit organisational structure. We desire to learn about our host city, our own conditions in London, and ourselves in a global situation.

More information can be found here

Londonon Launches!Londonon Launches!Londonon Launches!Londonon Launches!