Prewetts Mill
Project Info
A proposal for a full refurbishment and conversion of the 1860’s existing mill and the adjacent 60s concrete offices to residential dwellings. The team proposed to bring the Mill to the foreground, visually separating it from the modern block, providing two distinct parts whilst creating a contemporary and elegant juxtaposition.

For the 60s block the team took a pragmatic approach to the conversion, doing more with less and respecting the architectural character and soul of the two buildings. Whilst the office building is of little architectural merit now, the team felt that with simple, rational moves, we could create a building of residential character that is architecturally delightful.

The office extension’s concrete banding is to be expressed, as is the dominant material palette of brick. The light-touch interventions are to insert full height windows and doors into this façade, along with smaller windows to bedrooms. The former ribbon windows are proposed to be replaced with new windows and textured brick infill panels, which can be formed with simple cavity wall construction.



Shortlisted Competition



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