Jessheim Underpass
Project Info
The underpass battles against existing prejudice towards subways as dark, unsafe and unpleasant places. By sawing into the earth we will create a new, beautiful and light urban landscape; spacious and airy, gently bending down under the railway tracks before bending back up on the other side.

The space is generous, creating a clear public space that flows under the tracks that can be activated by railway-related functions such as ticketing, waiting areas and cycle storage. A small cafe is incorporated into the north-western wall, which will have good sunlight access and become an attractive location for the town.

Level differences are articulated through the terraced landscape with birch trees and flower beds. These terraces provide pleasant and varied outdoor spaces; places to sit amongst clusters of trees and room for varied planting. A full-length ramp is naturally integrated between the terraces and the materiality of light stone is consistent throughout.

Public Realm


Jessheim, Norway


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